Health Insurance changes in 2015

AWBZ becomes WLZ

From the 1st of january 2015, AWBZ health will change radically. The new name will be Wet Langdurige Zorg, which means Law for long-term care. There will be stricter access criteria for living in nursing homes, so the elderly, chronically ill and disabled can be cared for in their homes longer. At home they will get the health care they need. Health insurances will be responsible for nursing, personal care and intensive forms of long-term care. Municipalities will play a supportive role, for example help showering, eating and getting out of bed. The AWBZ will remain but will only be accessible for people who already live in care institutions and who are in need of an intensive form of long-term care.

Mental health care for young people in 2015

Mental health care for young people will no longer be covered by standard insurance package in 2015. Municipalities will then be responsible for mental health care for young people. One of the consequenses of this transition could be a quality difference for each municipality in this type of health care.

Premium health insurance 2015

Health insurance companies will get higher costs because they will have to take care of the elderly, chronically ill and disabled who will continue to live in their homes longer, but will be in need of more intense health care. Because of this, the premium for health insurances in 2015 will increase. Expectations are made about an increase of 20%. Final premiums for 2015 will be announced in november 2014.

Mandatory Excess in 2015

In 2014 the mandatory excess is 360 Euros. This means that you have to pay for the first 360 of the cost of the health care you receive in this year. Expectations for 2015 are again an increase of the mandatory excess, possibly to 400 Euros. The final amount will be announced on the third tuesday of September.

Health care allowance 2015

Previously the government made plans to introduce an household allowance, which would replace all forms of allowance, for example housing allowance and health care allowance in 2015. The government decided to postpone the introduction of this household allowance. This means, health care allowance will remain in 2015. Though the amount has to be detemined.