Is a health insurance necessary in the Netherlands?

When you have a job or when you are living in the Netherlands you have the obligation to apply for a health insurance. With a health insurance you get medical help when needed. How does it work?

If you come from a country within the EER/EU, you don’t need a residence permit. You also don’t need one if you come from Switzerland. Foreigners from other countries need permission to work in the Netherlands.

Do you need a basic health insurance?

The health insurance is mandatory when you live here and also when you only work in the Netherlands. This health insurance covers the most essential medical care. You can choose an expanded policy if the care in the basic insurance is to limited for you.

The health insurance in the country you come from

You need a Dutch health insurance when you live in this country and also when you live in another country but you have a job in the Netherlands. Your current health insurance from another country is not sufficient. If you don’t have a health insurance, you get a fine.

How do I compare health insurance policies?

All insurers offer the same basic health insurance (basisverzekering). The big difference are the monthly costs. You can save money by comparing the policy’s. If you need an expanded policy, you can save hundreds of euro’s in a year. You can use our overview to choose the best policy.

Where do I go to when I need first aid?

For first aid you can go to any hospital. If you need plannable care you can ask the insurer where you can go to. Some policies do not cover all costs from some hospitals.