Health Insurance for Students

Studying in the Netherlands is great! Besides studying and of course enjoying your stay abroad, meeting new people and participating in the local life of a great country, you might have some time left to spend on making some money in a part time job. When you are going to be employed and have to pay tax in a foreign country, it is important to know that your are obliged to have health insurance. Did you know that a lot of insurance companies have special offers of health insurance for students? These health insurances are especially composed for students. First of all, students don’t need to get insurance for things like denture and stockings, so they don’t want to pay for it. Students are usually young and healthy, they do not need lots of medication and/or special care. That is why student health insurances can be cheaper than the usual health insurances. In the Netherlands, there is a second option to save money on your health insurance premium. Dutch law stated a minimum obliged deductible of Euro 350,-. To save money on your premium, you can choose to increase the obliged deductible with steps of Euro 100,- up to  Euro 850,-. When you know you are a healthy person, you can choose to increase the obliged deductible to the maximum and in case of emergency, pay for the needed medical help. In this case your monthly premium will be much cheaper. Finally, there are options to get additional insurance for dental care, glasses or lenses, physiotherapy, alternative medicine and psychological help. When you don’t feel like you will need these kind of additional insurances during your stay abroad, you can choose to only get the Basic Health Insurance, which will again save you money on your premium. Want to know what would be the best health insurance for you? You can easily compare all health insurances in the Netherlands at

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